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Boards No Contact Rule Unblocked in WhatsApp after 11 months of no-contact

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    First post on this forum. Perhaps you can help me understand what is going on.

    About two years ago I met a guy whom I thought had all the qualities I had been looking in a man. We shared a special bond together on multiple levels. I felt I had found the love of my life. About a year into our relationship I discovered that I had been betrayed by this man. My world was shattered into pieces and I am still recovering from the trauma. I spent the subsequent months post our separation sending him some very furious emails and texts over WhatsApp. Last December he blocked me in WhatsApp and ever since he blocked me, I went completely no-contact. I just fell off the earth, so to say. I am not on social media either. Being no-contact for nearly a year has been incredibly hard. However, I realized that I could not spend my whole life hidden in a corner and weeping my eyes out. I got up and started learning new things like teaching myself video editing and motion graphics (he is also interested in these things professionally) and started producing mini-videos that I would post on YouTube.

    Over the past months of no contact, he discovered my YouTube channel and started watching my vlogging stuff again and again. About a month ago he re-read some of my old emails I had sent him over a year ago (I was able to know this due to an email tracker I was using). Within the past two weeks, I randomly discovered that he had unblocked me in WhatsApp.

    Any thoughts of why he would be doing that after such a long time (11 months or so of blocking)? I am not planning to initiate any contact but of course I am curious to know if you think there is a chance of his comeback at some point in the future.

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    @tairona1h When you say you were “betrayed”, what exactly do you mean?? Did he respond to your angry emails and texts?? What did he say?

    Maybe he unblocked you in WhatsApp so you could contact him there, but it’s strange because he knows you have his email addy and you have his.

    Resist the temptation to initiate a message because he betrayed you and needs to be the one to initiate something. I understand you must be hurting, but try to get on with your life and maybe date others in case you never hear from him again.. He might be in a relationship with someone else by now..

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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