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    I matched with a guy who’s 4 years younger than me and we talked for a little over a month. We called a lot and it was so nice, we met for the first time last weekend it was fine. However, I ended up asking him if my religion would be a problem if we ended up in a LTR, he said it would be. After that I went off and showed my crazy side that I hate showing. Then he admitted he was upset I asked that question then things got worse I insulted him for giving me a dry response the following day. I immediately apologized, he said it was fine and we can still talk. Then we ended up calling on tuesday night it was nice hearing his voice. On thursday he told me he wants nothing to do with me and that we shouldn’t talk anymore. He said he doesn’t want a relationship and hates that i’m forcing it. I started crying and going off on how he was so quick to change his mind about me. I really liked talking to him, I don’t even care that he’s not ready to date me I wanted to be friends with him and he refused. I sent a goodbye message 2 days ago he never opened it. I feel I never meant anything to him. I guess all those times we called he didn’t really care. I feel used and pathetic how I am upset about someone I talked for a month and only met once. The fact he has left me on delivered for days shows he never cared about me and it hurts me.

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