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    Hi, hoping for any advice, all seems lost at the moment, will try and briefly summarise,

    had a very passionate and fiery 9 months with my ex, so many ups, we were incredible together. She hinted at commitment a few times, before asking me out on new years day. I freaked out and didnt acknowledge. He ended up having a big argument the same evening and didn’t speak for 10 days.

    When we met up and spoke, we sorted the differences, however, she seemed a bit withdrawn from that moment on, like her guard was up. Around two weeks later she tried to make plans, to go away, I came across flaky again. Which put doubt in her mind, as if I’m not that bothered etc, she then zoned out and was less and less responsive to my calls and messages. She eventually broke up our situation-ship.

    I went into no-contact, after sending a very nice message validating her feelings. She reached out 2 weeks later to try and sort out a mutual care we share, saying she wants to sell it, at the same time said she hopes that i was ok and that i enjoy my upcoming ski-ing trip. I sent a mature, non needy message back. I then wished her happy birthday 1 week later, which i am now feeling a bit of regret at doing so, as i feel this has no achieved anything.

    Its been exactly 24 days of “limited contact” so far. Its painful and i will need to address the situation regarding the car.

    Any Help/suggestions?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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