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    Anybody here have any stories to tell of successfully rekindling a lost relationship? Or maybe if you know anybody who’s been through this and pulled it off successfully?
    I feel like some good reassurance would bring hope and comfort to a lot of the people here.

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    Last night Steve made a comment somewhere saying that those who got their ex back are now busy doing sex. So don’t expect them to be active here to share their stories.

    I have been here for a while and I have read comments on people getting going on dates with their ex again.

    Maybe I also have a successful story of my kind. I did not get back my ex after 3 months but I have shed about 20 kgs (45 lbs) and I am really fit now. Plus I don’t care about my ex which is the best thing that should happen to someone after being dumped. Today, I met a girl and asked to have a walk with me in a park. We were together for 3 hours and I was thinking if she was good to start a new relationship or not. This NC made a strong man! I was a needy/clingy guy 3 months ago. I wrote her maybe 20 emails in 7 days after the breakup starting from criticizing her for being mean to bombarding her with apologies for criticizing. And here I am!

    By the way, we exchanged some emails last week. When she did not reply my last email, I did not contact her further.

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    You won’t regret being in here and following the plan.
    5 months ago,i almost died.but now i’m really fine.i didn’t get him back but i could make him cry and confess his love so many times.he never asked me to get back and we have enough problems not to get back and i’m happy that now i’m strong enough to say that .

    I’m more than happy for you.i really missed talking to you and its good to hear about the new girl.

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    a.z., I will reply on Steve’s post! I dated some lately but they were all platonic and I was too aggressive to make them run away! See you on Steve’s post a.z.!

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    I have a testimonials page here that I created for the 5 step plan and the email series.

    Apart from this, I have quite a bit of emails in my mailbox from people who got their ex back using this. I usually just bookmark those emails in case if I want to post them later. However, most of them are a simple thank you and not detailed stories.

    Like Dara said, most people who get their ex back don’t usually come back. And the most I hear from them is a short email thanking me for creating the website and the email series.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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