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    I’m down 8 pounds since my ex and I split. I’m a body builder so my weight fluctuates quite quickly and without him I have been super strict on my diet and hitting the gym hard twice a day 6x a week.

    One of my clients that I’m close with after hearing about my breakup bought me a weekend pass to a women’s retreat at a pretty popular lake resort on the 17th. Has beach, workshops for self improvement (you get to choose your workshops!), yoga classes, group fitness, wind surfing, canoeing and food is included. That’s always nice. Was a super kind thing of her to do so I bought her a nice bottle of wine as a thank you. I think the retreat will help me out a ton.

    I think I mentioned in another thread, I got promoted at my job with a deal that will give me passive income, passive income is the best income.

    It’s also pretty incredible, I had been feeling miserable at my job, mostly because I was a bit jealous of my exes job. With him gone my whole attitude at work has changed. Before I felt isolated at work and like none of my coworkers liked me. I’m back to my positive self and my pay and performance have increased substantially even in just a week and a half.

    I’ve been journaling every day to help organize my thoughts and manage those up and Downs. Slowly but surely the passages are getting less macabre and more upbeat.

    What have you been doing for self improvement?? Maybe we can swap ideas?

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    I had kind of let myself go over the past three years physically (partially cause of the relationship, but also just cause of my lifestyle), so I have been hitting the gym every single day and eating a lot healthier, and as a result I’ve lost fifteen pounds. I have also been seeing a counselor once a week in person. I’m trying to start volunteering at an animal shelter. I try to accept every single social invitation I’m offered. My mom and I even took a trip, we went to India and Sri Lanka for two weeks and it was really helpful to get some distraction and to find some joy in things that weren’t my ex.
    I am still really hurting, and especially with so much distraction from the trip, coming home has been really hard and I’ve been crying a lot since I got back. I’m trying as hard as I ever have to work on myself and take responsibility for my own happiness, but its been really hard.

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    Hey Laura
    How have you been doing? I’ve been thinking about taking a trip as well. It’s been almost two months since my break and I’ve had so many ups and downs since. I’ve lost 15lbs since my break up and it’s mostly because I don’t have an appetite. I just started hitting the gym myself and thought I might as well make something of this weight loss. Im finally getting used to being on my own again but I still miss and want her. I know I need to keep moving forward without her. Hiking has been very therapeutic for me and I’ve been doing that lately. I hope you’re feeling better and I hope I get there soon.

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