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    My ex broke up with me because there was a lot of misunderstandings between us.We loved each other And we still do but I used to behave very immaturely and be clingy,dependent on him all the time craving for his attention even though he wasn’t available.I used to always complain about not being his priority which i clearly was but I always misunderstood him.He finally broke up with me after we got into a fight when I complained about not getting enough attention and I cut him on social media.He got really mad after that and said he doesn’t want this relationship anymore even though he loves me because we don’t have any understanding between us and he hates fighting with me all the time.I begged him for 2 days,tried convincing him but he said he can’t continue this anymore and he can’t give me another chance because if he does and if this problems keep continuing afterward he might have to break my heart again and both of us will be hurt a lot so it’s better to end things here.He is the sort of person who if once decides to get out of something,then he never goes back there.That’s what i have seen in his past relationship.Lastly he told me we can talk and still be friends but after sometime when we both have moved on.It’s been 5 days since I haven’t tried texting or calling him.Yesterday i noticed he deleted our photos on social media too.Should i wait one more week to text him just as a friend because he clearly won’t talk about that relationship or what do i do?

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    @fawzia How long were you in this relationship? You say you craved his attention even though he wasn’t available.. What does that mean??

    Guys (and girls too) hate drama! You being clingy/needy was lots of drama. Love seeks to make the other person happy, not create stress..

    5 days plus a week is not nearly enough time for him to forget or forgive the misery you caused him!!

    You should do no contact for at least a month! During that time try to change the way you think about a committed relationship and what kind of behaviors affect it either negatively or positively.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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