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Boards Not Your Ex How many relationships has this site mended?

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    How many relationships has this site mended and got back together? Recently this week, I’ve read that 2 have gotten back together. I feel like this site has more to offer than any other relationship talk site. People don’t get tell you to get over and move on on here, People on here give you more hope and want to try harder.

    But part of the other questions is, How do you think my relationship is right now? People are saying that my work will show soon, and that I have everything right so far, and that it looks promising. I just feel that I still need to do something, but I don’t. I just have to wait. And it’s going to be hard because I’m impatient, but I will try my hardest, I’ve worked so far to get here. I tend to over think things like this, which I need to stop now, it’s just driving me crazy and making me want to give up. But I’m still scared, but isn’t everyone at this point? My gut has been telling me that we will get back together sometime and the other day I felt that something good was going to happen to me soon. I know somewhere deep down he still wants me, the way he’s acting just isn’t him, and it hurts because I know him well, he’s that mean. When he would be, he’d always apologize. The way he is now, just isn’t him. I know he’ll snap out of this…I just don’t know when, I want it to be soon. I’ve been praying every day and night, and he still snapchats me everyday. I will never forget that he was rubbing his new relationship in my face, even though it’s a sign that he still loves me.

    With that being said, How many relationships has this site help get together again? How do you think mine is going? What’s your opinion on mine?

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    Does anyone have an opinion on this?

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    I’m interested too

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    I think inevitably this site will seem to have lots of people that the plan doesn’t work for. Plenty of folk will read the plan, do what is advised, never post, and win their ex back. Lots will read the boards but never post. Those who are having the toughest time will be the ones who post and support each other, so it will seem as if the plan doesn’t work.

    I don’t know if it does or not, I’m just saying there will definitely be a skewed view because those who are independent types, whose situations aren’t too complicated, who win their exes back easily… Will never visibly engage with the site although they may have gained a lot through it.

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    Good point, from my own point of view that’s how it was with me. When I just lost my ex and felt awful I was on here daily, posting to other people’s problems, reading stories and getting advice. When I started dating a new girl, went out with friends and felt better I stopped coming on here. Now, since my ex has gotten all sorts of confusing again and I’m single, I’m back on, mainly looking to vent and try to help other people. If we had gotten back together or even if I had just gotten a good new gf I probably would never come back to these boards because there is no point. Honestly there is probably hundreds of couples who have gotten back together that we have no or will never hear about on these boards who used the plan.

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    never helped mine but it did teach me something. An ex is an ex for a reason, in my case i was emotionally abused, even though im mean, covered in tattoos and can beat up most, even me the ‘ultimate bad ass’ can be hurt. Even though I do still love my rx, i need to stand up and be a man and not let anyone treat me like crap, I deserve better, and that applies to everyone here. We shouldnt depend on others to love up, we should love ourselves above all.

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    Mine was mended. I broke up on September 2015 during my 3rd anniversary. I followed the steps and it all went well. My ex came back to me after like almost 2 month or like 1 month 2 weeks. So this site is really amazing. I thank this site for such a wonderful help through the pain I went through during my breakup. I am happy to say I am now stronger than I’ve ever been before. I hope other people can experience the magic too. Goodluck and stay strong, there ain’t no sunshine, without a little rain 🙂

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    *2014 do you think you could help me? I’m stuck and I’ve been overthinking for a week and it’s driving me crazy

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    I agree with lagirl. I think many of the people who mend their relationships disappear from the site since they have accomplished their goal and no longer need it. So we probably don’t here many success stories since those people are now putting all their time and effort into their relstionships

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    I can tell you I have seen at least 10 people get back. Or 15. I was one of them. Half of us have lost them again or are not quite fully back again. So it does work. I didn’t do full no contact or anything. I might one day write a post about what I did that made us get back but now as we broke up again 2 weeks ago, I still don’t feel ok enough. Good luck everyone

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