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Boards Reconciliation going home for two months, do i reach out?

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    Hi everyone,

    my ex and i are both 21 and seniors in college and we were together almost a year. He broke up with me five weeks ago bc of his mental health and not being able to manage his life and i know that its true, and he’s been going to therapy. He said he loved and valued the relationship and me, and i let him go. we are on good terms and i did a month of NC until he broke it to explain himself, but nothing changed. i am going home for 2 months and i have something of his at home that i know he needs back, should i mail it to him with a note while i am there? 2 months is a long time to stay in NC and i am worried


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    @tinoria Good grief, I just read he’s already going to therapy sessions.. Yes, mail his things and include a nice supportive note saying you will give him time/space to allow him time to get better.

    He won’t get better overnight. It will most likely take at least a few months..

    Wishing you good luck and hope things work out for both of you:)

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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