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    So I’m finally starting to move on from my ex who broke up with me twice…it’s hard but I’m coping!

    But now I’m a bit lost-not sure what to do really :/ a boy I liked before at college before my ex started talking to me the other day and we’ve been chatting on/off a bit since. He then said to me about how he’s moving out and if I fancied dinner! I haven’t heard from him since though, I ended the conversation with “can’t wait :p” (to him saying he would make me Choco fondant :p)

    He’s super nice and is in the same job as me but lives 2 hours away still…but still!

    I guess I’m asking should I contXt him again or wait for him to contact me? Since that conversation I haven’t heard from him apart from a snapchat from him. He’s been looking at my snapchats though which is good I think? Haha. Advice would be so appreciated!

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    Maybe sent him a message not related to getting together- just like “hey, I found this post, or I saw this article I thought you would like…” or something along those lines???

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    One thing you could do is if you find some chocolate bars somewhere, you could take a picture of it and say “maybe we should add this into the fondue?”

    You could also find a cool fondue recipe online and offer to help him cook it!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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