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    Welcome to Ex Back Permanently Message Boards. This is a place for those who have gone through a breakup and are still suffering. This is a place where you can post your questions about getting your ex back, or how to deal with your breakup and get an answer. You can share what you are feeling and connect with people who are going through something similar.

    However, before posting, here are some rules that you must follow. I know people usually skip this, so I’m going to keep this short in hopes that you will read this before posting.

    1. This forum is based for the website Ex Back Permanently. So if you are posting here for the first time, make sure you have already read the 5 Step Plan, The No Contact Rule, and the FAQs.

    2. If you have any questions regarding the no contact rule, post it in the no contact rule forums.

    3. Remember, this is a safe place for people who want to get their ex back. It’s not a place where you tell people to “Just man up and move on”, or “if your ex broke up with you, you are a fool if you want them back”. Even though that might be good advice for most people and it is true that many people coming to this website do end up moving on; we are not going to take the cold-hearted approach to helping people move on. (More about this in the post below).

    4. You are not allowed to post a link to any other website. If you do so, you will be instantly banned. Also, you can not share your contact information on this forum. If you do so, you will be banned.

    5. Anyone trying to sell any kind of services here will be banned instantly.

    6. If you see anyone violating any rules, you can report them by clicking on the report link. You can find this link on the upper right corner of every post.

    7. Write in a way that’s easy for other users to read. That means proper spelling, proper grammar, and using paragraphs (so it doesn’t look like a big wall of text).

    8. If you disagree with someone’s advice, it is OK to say so and let them know. It is NOT OK to attack any other forum member just because you disagree with them.

    9. Keep the posts related to the topic. If you want to discuss your own relationship/situations, please create your own thread.

    Remember, the aim of this forum is to facilitate the discussions that are already happening in the comment sections of this website and to make it easier for people who are looking for answers and help to get a reply.

    • Total Posts: 32

    Like I said in the above post, we are not going to take a cold-hearted/kick in the butt approach here. When someone has just been through a devastating breakup, it’s cruel to tell them “just move on” or “you are a fool for wanting your ex back”.

    I have always taken the approach to helping people with the decisions they make (and helping them make better decisions) rather than making decision for them. So if someone has decided to get their ex back, you are not going to do them any good by telling them not to get their ex back.

    It takes time for people to regain their composure after a breakup. And the best we can do is to get them in a state of mind in which they can make better decisions themselves.

    I don’t mean that if you want to tell someone to move on, you shouldn’t. If you want to tell someone to move on, you should. Just don’t be cruel about it. Tell them why you think they should move on and be kind about it. Remember, not everyone is like you and for a lot of people, it’s very hard to accept the fact that their relationship is over and they should move on.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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