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    Well 4 weeks ago my life, so I thought, was over! My ex of 10 years and I ended things on mutual grounds in jan.
    we stayed close and got on really well as friends, the he dropped a bombshell out of the blue saying he was dating a new girl.
    Well I hit rock bottom and wanted to give up.
    But I was determined that this guy was the one and that I was not going to walk away without fighting for my man.
    Eventually after 6 weeks his new relationship ended. He was upset and confused by his feelings but coz I still loved him I stood by him. Some people might find that strange me listening to the man I love being upset about another girl but like I said I wasn’t ready to give up even though he said he loves me and cares for me but not in love.
    So fast forward to now and although his head is still a mess of mixed feelings, we are doing everything that we would do in a relationship, we just haven’t stuck a label on it.
    Things are going slow and I let him set the speed and once he has he’s head and feelings clear, we will try again.
    So I fought for my man and didn’t give up and we are as close as we where when we originally started dating.
    So this really does work but u have to have the patience and willpower to hang in there. It takes time but it can work
    Thanks Kevin 🙂

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    It is really nice to hear! I am glad for you!

    Can you pls tell me more presicely how did you fight for him? You said you “stayed close and got on really well as friends” and “coz I still loved him I stood by him”, does it mean you did not do NC?

    I am in a similar situation and very confused how I should act – should I continue NC or let him know that I am with him whatever happens. Because he is seeing someone new but at the same time shared with me that he “is going through hard tests from life”.

    Thanks in advance,

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    Awesome stuff Dot!! I am in a familiar situation like you! My ex fiance of 4 years and I have broken up. I broke up with him. He’s dating someone new too, but we still talk everyday, send pics of each other often (nude and not nude), we talk on the phone, hell, I’ve visited him a few times (so that he can see our son). Yet, he’s in a long distance relationship with his new girl of a month I think is how long theyve been together. I tell him I miss him, he doesnt say it back, but he gives me nicknames (a new one he came up with) and refers to me as la familia (our pet names when we were together). I want to start the NC rule today, wish me strength to maintain it! I am highly positive that I will get my ex fiance back so that our son will have his biological parents under one roof again.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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