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    So i have a question here. I was told Yesterday that my ex’s new girl talks shit about me. She says stuff like i stalk her, never have and never will i have care enough to even try. And that i’m crazy? And only true thing she said was that i hate her. (Since i have known her since 3rd grade).
    But only thing that actually touches me that she Said was that my ex and i argued all the time when we were together, which we never did. Were the fuck does this come from.
    I have to say that they were seeing eachother like 2-3 weeks after he broke up with me and she is so opposit of me and everything he allways Said he wanted in a girl (to fit into the future he wants)
    But Why does she have the need to talk about me and say so much bullshit? Only the fact that i hate her is true (i do not show her or anyone else that i hate her cause i dont have enough fucks to give to use my energy on showing her)
    But Why all the talking about me and any suggestions on the arguing part?

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    It doesn’t matter what she says or does and you should ignore all of it. She is with your ex now and you need to focus on yourself and getting on with your own life and happiness. Nobody knows why she’s talking about you because nobody is a mind reader. Be the bigger person and ignore it and don’t let it bug you. If you respond, you will just be starting a lot of needless drama!

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    Thanks for the answer. I’m not going to respond to any of it. And you are right it should not bug me since i’m no longer with him and i’m not going to be any time soon, so my happiness first!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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