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Boards No Contact Rule Is contacting my ex’s mum helpful?

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    Hey, this article is so helpful in many ways.

    I broke up with my ex-girlfriend about 7 weeks ago, and the reason for the break up was that i made a second Instagram account behind her back and she found out immeidately, and called for break up (she treated this as cheating). The reason why I did that was throughout the relationship she has been tapping on my personal social media (fb, insta, emailis, browser history). She told me all her exes abided to that rule which i did accept for 6 months, but I got really annoyed by it as I basically can’t accept any request or even search people up on Instagram as she always checks them. I never cheated or did anything with any female throughout the relationship. She is in another country now and will return late August, and I kept my no contact for the initial 6 weeks until last week she messaged me and I lost my temper and called her to saying all the needy stuff. She ghosted my texts afterward on two occasions.

    So now I’m in NC againn, but I contacted her mum last week to tell her to watch out for the virus and be careful. She was so kind and we actually had lunch today, I took her out for a expensive lunch as I got my first ever paycheck from work. And she still seems to care a lot for me despite the break-up. Will this help chances of how my ex think of me? Or will my ex hate me even more if she finds out i’ve been meeting her mum while she is out of town?

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    @xyz1234 How long was the relationship?

    There is no good or logical reason to create a 2nd Instagram account if you don’t have anything to hide. And yet she shouldn’t been snooping into your personal online things.. It seems you must have given your ex your passwords if she is able to look at your emails etc..

    I suspect you’re both very young and don’t have proper boundaries/morals as what is right or wrong when it comes to relationships.

    Meeting her mother for lunch once was okay, but you should not put her into the middle of your breakup situation!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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