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    I thought I had moved pass my ex, became official with another guy. While he is a great guy, a dream, I feel like there is something missing (but that could just be because we are so new) but I still really think about my ex. We have made it facebook official today and my ex commented on my relationship change, saying he was rooting for us from the start. For some reason, it hurt, and I got angry. I don’t understand why and I was wondering if someone else had this experience.

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    Your ex saying Rooting for you doesn’t sound genuine, it sounds bit sarcastic and a LOT jealous to me… But he’s your ex and you know him better…

    IMO you shouldn’t have made it official on fb if you’re still feeling something for your ex. No it’s not because your new relationship is new that you’re feeling this way it’s because this new guy doesn’t fulfill you or excite you especially coos you’re missing your ex. IMO reconsider your new relationship if you’re not happy in your honeymoon phase you won’t be with this guy. If you b want your c ex back making it official with someone you’re not 100% into won’t make it happen and will make you regret not leaving that door open at least until you’ve found a guy you’re really in love with

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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