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    Thank you so much for the good wishes!!

    I have realized it’s much easier said than done, I still hit panic attacks and get incredibly sad when I think we will never talk again and soon in the future we will delete and block each other once the timing is appropriate 😣 I am just pretty much waiting for his profile picture gone cause I guess I don’t have that much courage to delete him first after all.

    And coincidentally, an old fling of mine all of the sudden started texting and coming up strong from about two days ago just went I decided to let go of my ex, we have made plans to meet up tonight he said he would come cook at mine!

    Loooool so I guess we will see where that leads us!

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    @dee.dasneves Just go with the flow. Don’t push him for anything and don’t have sex!

    Did you receive your new e-cigarette and mail the other one to your ex?

    Good luck:)

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    Hey patricia! I know this post has been dragged for long lol, but I thought posting some updates Of my journey would help people that may be reading this in the future too..

    So here it goes. People always say exs come back once you ve let go. Since the 14th of June when he basically ignored me(that’s when I decided to really let go instead of strategically doing no contact and wait for him to come back) until today the 4th of July, he has texted me 5 times, tried to call 3 times, left 2 voice messages, apologized, threatened (to never talk to me again) and basically begged for me to let him know that I am okay. This all happened in the past week and a half, 2 weeks after I deleted his number (and dropped his ecig off at the gate), 3 weeks after I went into radio silent.

    The first two times was really really hard for me to ignore him, but I know the small talk wasn’t going anywhere. I stood my ground and ignored him completely. Two days ago was the last time he reached out. Said he s very worried about me cause for almost 3 years, I ve never ignored him, and he just wanted to know that I am not sick, then he would leave me alone. I replied yes thank you I am doing well.

    I still love him a whole lot, and really hoping one day this could somehow work between us. Just not now. Not anytime soon, not when he s fully ready to commit.

    So for anyone that may be reading this, listen to patricia, I wish I had 3 months ago🤣 stick to indefinite no contact and just live your life. God has plans for everyone 😇

Viewing 3 posts - 46 through 48 (of 48 total)
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