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    I dated a girl for about 6 weeks then she ended it basically saying she prefers to be the one to chase and me coming on strongly pushed her away. I honestly don’t think I came on that strong but there were things that made me fall for her too fast I admit. She said she liked me but need time to herself to think. I stupidly told her I was hurt by this and decided to give her the space and focus on myself and other women. After a week shes messaged me asking how I was doing(part of me thinks it was her just being nice due to me not taking it well) I responded and a we had a small chat about stuff but nothing serious. So I decided to not contact her for a while, I was thinking about doing so recently as I still would like to try start something with her. So its been 3 weeks since last contact and today she messaged me asking how I was doing. I am not sure what to reply with, other than I know I can not project that I need her in my life(which I don’t). Do I start with trying to get a conversation going again or cut to asking to meet up?

    I can give a lot more back story to the situation if it helps.


    Any advice welcomed

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    First of all, it takes MUCH longer than 6 weeks to decide if you’re compatible with a girl!! There are interests to consider and more importantly temperament. You need to judge carefully if the way you interact with each other over time is good or not. If all goes well for at least 6 months, maybe decide to ask for an exclusive relationship.

    Don’t ask to meet up. Answer her messages if there is reason to do so. IE: if she asks questions. But make the response short and kind. I think she must be very young as most mature women prefer the guy to chase, not the other way around. Take it very slow and don’t push for anything. Use your logic to determine if she is really a good fit for you. Time will tell..

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    Thanks for the reply

    Okay yes 6 weeks is short, but 6 months is a way too long to me haha. I do need to get to know her better this is true.

    To update: we have exchanged a couple messages- quite friendly vibe with her asking a few questions. though slowish response times from both of us.

    she is kinda young- im 26, her 22. But from what I’ve been lead to believe, most women prefer to chase

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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