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Boards Reconciliation He broke up with me because of his mental health

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    My ex broke up with me about 5 weeks ago and we’ve met up once since. He broke up with me in a very low mental state feeling like he didnt deserve me or the relationship and he didn’t know who he was, but I was a great girlfriend who he loved. I gave him his space for a month (NC) and then he reached out trying to explain himself and apologize for the suddenness of the breakup.. and he was a wreck when we met up, but still couldn’t get back into a relationship because his mental health is so low and it would be too much. we are going home from college for winter break and I have stuff of his I’ll have to ship back when I get home (I am back in NC).. i want to write a letter or note for him, but im not sure if im fooling myself or if that would make this worse. our relationship was truly so good, we werent toxic and hardly ever fought within the year and he was an amazing boyfriend, but he has incredibly high standards for himself. I love him dearly and I want him to take care of himself and improve his mental health but I also want him back.. and thoughts?

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    @tinoria It seems you’ve posted twice basically about the same thing.. I suggest you keep one post going for continuity! It’s difficult for someone to flip back and forth between posts to get all the information.

    This is a very sad story. It sounds like you’re both very nice people, but because of his mental problem (maybe depression or low self-esteem???), he can’t handle a proper relationship at this time. Yes, send his things to him and include a nice note.. suggest that counseling by a professional or maybe a pastor or older wiser adult might help him.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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