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    Wanted to share a thought with you all. In my case almost every guy that i was interested (there was a mutual interest at one point, obviously.) they have come back, maybe not as back to the way things were but just showing that they still had feelings and thought about me. I’ve thought about this trying to get this recent ex back, a few weeks ago i realized this with the exception with one guy i was interested last spring and guess what? That guy started chatting me up and flirting with me a few weeks later, which has proved every guy that i’ve had somewhat of a serious interest or relationship with has come back.

    But nothing was done on my part…so it made me think, do ex’s have a sixth sense? Do they have some sort of feeling when you are over them? Because they always seem to come back at the point when you rarely ever think about them anymore. I tried searching about this on the internet but found nothing, but i swear its such a common occurrence, im surprised there hasn’t been a study on it (then again maybe i haven’t searched hard enough.)

    Maybe, with all this effort we’re putting into getting them back, we’re just doing more damage than good. For 1. our own happiness and sanity 2. it seems that most of the time the only way they come back is when you’re completely over them.

    Just a thought, i’d love to hear other peoples input on this.

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    Hi Radiantrisa,
    It’s not the sixth sense. IT’S THE FEELING.
    Woman are very sensitive and they’re using their FEELING to know what going on.
    And I’ve found that their FEELINGS are fairly accurate, that’s why when they condemn us man, we’re shocking and they’d FIND OUT more, and that’s we call them “Woman had sixth sense”.
    But if we’re stand still with in our self-power and honest, their FEELING and SIXTH SENSE will broke down.
    I’d wish to read more comments about this Sixth Sense.

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    I totally agree, this is happening to me as we speak. I am finally at a point, or was, where i could begin to move on, see that there are options out there, be comfortable in my own space again not constantly thinking about her. Its only been a month, and i would still do anything, but thats only 50 percent of whats needed here, and thats just not enough, so by no choice of my own, trying to move on and not dwell on the hope or unknown. But just as im doing this, 3 weeks into no contact, i have gotten alot more attempts to reach out to me, trying to get together. And now im over here, in relapse, playing through all of the things in my mind that i tried so hard to rid out of my brain. and now its back. And i hate it, seeing her, and just carrying on as friends after, will just not work for me, and i dont want to go through this hurt again. I feel like when i see her, i will have to put on a front, i will have to pretend as though I am okay, and if its not going the way i want, i will have to sit there and participate, because i dont want to act like a jerk and just leave and tell her i cant handle this, because that will look like im not over it or needy. I am so not ready for this. Wish me luck! I am supposed to see her friday.

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    As a female, i still cannot understand females haha so since i’ve only dealt with males i cant exactly say i know what you guys mean.

    Good luck, rtn9115! I’m jealous, wish i could get my ex to meet up with me. But i hope that even if you dont want to get back with her in the end, you will find happiness some how! 🙂

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