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    Me and my ex were together for three years and broke up a month ago. All through our relationship we never had any issues besides a few “pissing matches”. She was my better half and helped me through a lot. About two weeks before we broke up we were forced to not see each other due to Covid-19, at first she was very sad that we were going to be seperated for a couple weeks. After quarentine she seemed little distant to me then two weeks later dropped the ball that she felt we had “grown too close to each other”. We ended up breaking up right after the holidays (we held out due to christmas and so the holiday wouldn’t be miserable). Fast forward a month of 90% no contact only a few times she reached out to me, I found out this week she has been talking to someone and maybe possibly dating since the end of our quarantine period when she started acting distant to me. The thing is its long distance we live in Michigan and he lives in Georgia. She had always told me that she would never ever do long distance that it would be too hard. I have not once begged and pleaded to her nor try to ruin her new thing as much as I want to lol. I am open to any advise and your thoughts on the situation. I hope to eventually get back with her. Thank you.

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    @nick42b You wrote:she felt we had “grown too close to each other”. Either she didn’t want a long term relationship or she felt smothered by the closeness. Neither of those is a good sign.. If it was the latter, you can change the way you interact with her.

    Another possible contentious issue might be that she helped you through a lot. She helped you with what problem?? This might be important. She might have felt more like helper than an equal..

    What are your ages and what exactly are pissing matches?? Why did you have pissing matches and what were they about??

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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