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    has anyone else stopped receiving emails abruptly? I mean the email series, not the worksheets. I used to get one every evening, but they’ve stopped, so I was wondering if this is supposed to happen?

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    Hi Kevin
    My ex called yesterday to tell me thank you cause I sent gifts for her both sons birthday .. but she put past issues and trigger on me .. I tried most of the part and then she said why I sent emails. From Mike fiore and brad Browning formula
    She confused also she said happy with new chick and very seriously engaged even though she jumped in a new relationship within a a week..
    She Said not to contact her .. in this scenario what I can do
    Please please advice I m very upset .. Waiting two months and finally sent emails but result came zero

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    Yeah actually. I dont know why the emails stopped they made me so hopeful. Its been a few days since a new one came

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    I signed up for the mail list around one week ago, confirmed the subscription but never got anything 😐

    Does anyone want to PM me some of those mails?

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    I haven’t gotten any emails either! I signed up for them and nothing. I also took that “chances of getting back together” test and never got responses…I wonder what’s going on. I’m really interested in Step 5 (specifically that sample of the letter to send after ending NC)

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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