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    I am reading all of this great tips, thanks so much for the inspiration and getting me through this hard time. The problem is, I’m not even sure my bf and I broke up.

    We had an argument where he said things are not going well over a month ago, he blamed many things on me, after a week we met and spoke, I asked him if it’s a yes or no for the relationship he said he couldn’t decide he needed space. Since then he’s giving me the silent treatment. I sent him several messages, the last one a week ago. So should I just assume we broke up and proceed with the no contact rule? Or try to reach out one last time? I think if he wanted me back he would probably reach out, but I feel like I have to tell him this was not a reak up and he has to say it if he wants to end things (Mostly for me to get closure) but he’s very proud and stubborn so I don’t know what to do he might be too proud to contact me.

    Please help me!

    Thank you!

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    @Tessa – He asked for space so of course he’s giving you the silent treatment! That’s what space means. Time alone to think things through. When you met up and asked him if it was a yes or a no, he could have said “It’s a no” on the relationship, but he didn’t. He asked for space. You probably dishonored his request by getting anxious and messaging him too soon and too often. You need to be more patient! How long were you together? For most people, too many arguments will ruin a relationship. What did he mean by things not going well? What part did you play in all this? While he’s taking some time to think things over, reflect on your part and make improvements. No man is too proud or stubborn to contact a woman he wants to be with. Give it more time and try to relax. Don’t message him again because it would probably irritate him. Good luck and hope you receive some sort of answer to this dilemma sometime soon. Maybe before Christmas:)

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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