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    So a little back story, my ex and I got back together in August of 2020, she ended a toxic engagement/relationship because she has always wanted me, we eloped in December of 2020 due to an unexpected pregnancy that ultimately ended in miscarriage and needed to be on my insurance, but we had always wanted to be married anyways, we’ll long story short, I had a spending issue that I have been working on with a counselor and when we had gotten back together I stayed talking to someone that I had a fling with at work prior to us being back together, that girl and I were still partners on shift but nothing romantic at all as I was back with my ex. My ex and I separate in January but we’re still sharing a bed and occasionally intimate, I thought things were better but in August she moved me to the guest bed room and said she wanted a divorce, we went through the divorce amicable, we are still living together, however she is seeing someone that lives 1800 miles away that she met online through video games and another co worker of ours, we divorced because she was going to move out west in January but now she is not going anywhere and more or less sounds like she doesn’t have a plan, we’ve been through her depression cycles and such before where she doesn’t eat and calls out of work or barley does the minimum hours, but I asked her what her plan is as far as the house as she wanted me to purchase the house, I’m currently paying everything for it but the house is in her name and she isn’t refinancing anything to get my name off her loan yet even though our divorce is finalized, I offered to even give her full market for the house so long as we take out a home equity loan pay off all remaining debt for our stuff and after the pay off of our house the equity loan and such would leave her $130,000 and then she said no to that but isn’t really communicating what her Plans are, yes I know it’s easier said to move out but it’s far cheaper then an apartment around here currently and paying off debt is going well, since I’ve been working on everything Ive paid off over 12k in debt in the last few months so, it kind of feels as she is testing me in a way. Anyone have any ideas as to what the hell is happening here

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    @CCL994 Sorry, but I think you should disengage from her completely! It’s obvious she doesn’t love you and she also has emotional issues with depression and laziness. Since the house is in her name, you can move out and she will then be responsible for everything related to the house.. Move out to your own apartment and get a male roommate to help with the expenses! Good luck and take care:)

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